“They loved the Wally portrait gift so much they are taking it with them from weekend house to home in the city “.

“At long last we had an opportunity to give the Bigsby painting to the bride and groom last night. They loved it – went absolutely cuckoo! They couldn’t have been more pleased with a gift.  Thank you.”

“The painting of Lucy is so wonderful and I can’t wait to get it framed. You really captured her! Many, many thanks, Nat”

“Love it!  You really captured that devilish look I know all too well.  You’re beyond talented. ” Nat

Todd said, “This looks as great on the site as it does on our wall.  We love the painting!”

“I love it !!!!”   “I loved it in the email but it doesn’t do it justice now that I actually see it!”

“This is FANTASTIC!”

“You really got his expression!”

Emily commissioned the portrait as a gift for Tori who loved the painting of Wally—she said it was her favorite gift ever.

This was a gift. They loved it!!!!!

Molly said, “Perfection! You caught him!!!”

Shooter’s owner said, “Love Shooter’s portrait! Talent!”

That’s my boy! Thanks so much to you and Susan. I have been showing is picture to everyone and last night people saw it in the apt (not yet framed) and loved it. Clearly a hit.  I have already thanked Susan for Hank picture now you. I love the painting of Hank…… I can’t wait to hang it. You really captured him.

“You really know how to capture the sweet pride in this little fella!”

“He is so , so fabulous!!!! You are an amazing artist!”

You have real talent in capturing the personality of the animals!

Millie said,

She is beautiful and shows her sweet nature I like how u finished off her legs…looks really natural ! Thank you!

Macy’s Mom said…

It is beautiful.  Thank you!  Thought the eyes were particularly nice.

Cindy said….

There was the predictable sweater or two under the tree for my adult son on christmas morning but the absolute high point of the day was when he saw the portrait that Diana had done of his beloved dog Lulu!  Although it had been done from a photo, she successfully captured not only Lulu’s looks but her personality.  What talent!

In addition, she is wonderful to work with.  Prompt, professional and fun.  I have known Diana for well over forty years!  The best!

Lulu  Lulu

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