Love animals!  Always have.

I was visiting a friend in the Adirondacks one summer and I noticed my friend’s dog who was lying on the porch in a very unusual and funny position.  I took a picture of the pup in this amusing pose.

Then I did a watercolor painting of it.

I love painting these wonderful creatures, pets, bffs, counselors, playmates from the pictures my customers send me by really dialing in to find what is essential about their precious pet.  What makes them ‘the best’.   It is always the eyes and then maybe a pose, or a setting.  But the eyes have it.  I work hard on it.

MyPetByDS was launched.  Let me paint a lovely watercolor painting of your pet!

Here’s how it works – send me your favorite picture of your pet in a jpeg or tiff file via email (dswoyer@gmail.com).  I will send you an email acknowledging that I can work with your photo.  Once I complete the painting (takes around 2 weeks), I will send you an email with a picture of the finished painting attached and an invoice. Next –  you send me a check or give me your credit card for the total on receipt of payment,  your painting will be sent to you in the mail (special shipping can be arranged by request).

Your painting will be on 9 x 12 inch beautiful watercolor paper in an archival mat & backing ready for framing.  Please call (203-266-7472) or email me (dswoyer@gmail.com) for a quote.

Tip for photos:  Be sure to feature your pet’s face where personality and uniqueness are so visible!

I look forward to hearing from you and producing a wonderful portrait of your precious pet!!!

Diana Swoyer, Artist

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  1. Hello! My name is Katy Lumpkin and Lynn Petrash gave me the Wanda painting. It is wonderful. You really captured her sweet demeanor. I love it!! Thanks, Katy

    1. Hello Kathryn,
      I am so glad you are happy. Wanda is adorable. It was enjoyable to look at her while I painted. What a face.
      All best,
      Diana Swoyer

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